Understanding Under Earth: Part #1

The three branches of Seidr:

Internal Seidr – This is the Seidr within. The Seidr that is first to obey as it not only developed as you grew, but learned to conform to you. It is only another extension of you.

External Seidr – This is the Seidr within another. While it has conformed to flow within a sentient being, it is still unfamiliar with you and will be harder to control.

Elemental Seidr – The is the Seidr infused within the elements. Water, Air, and Earth each have their own Seidr that flows with the element. This level of Seidr is the hardest to control, but if the Seidkona succeeds, they obtain substantial power.



Seidr (pronounced Say-th or Seed) is the Old Norse word for “magic” while “magic” stems from the mage or magi only used in the Middle East during the 10th century. Only those of Arabic heritage used the term “magic” during this time.

A Seidkona is female while Seidmadr (pronounced “Sayd-mod) is male. Seidr Wielder and Seidr User are also common terms to describe these Nordic witches and wizards.

Drui is Old Irish for the Latin word Druid.


History of Seidr and the Alfar

Humans have long since forgotten how to use the Seidr, and most are completely unaware of its existence while the alfar (elves) held onto the Seidr much longer. The Alfar were Men once who obtained immortality through use of the Seidr. If the Alfar stop using the Seidr, they will become mortal once again and their life expectancy will diminish. Alfar descendants could be walking among us today.

While the Alfar are acutely aware of the Seidr, most are completely ignorant of its power. The secrets to the Seidr were lost thousands of years prior to the Kallan’s lifetime. But not Gudrun’s.


The Legends

While “Sionnach” (pronounced “Sho-Nock”) is Irish for “fox.” The Sionnach specifically refers to the Seidr Sionnach who became legend.

Kallan lay, gazing upon the lights. She wasn’t ready for sleep.


“Hm?” Rune grunted, keeping his arm splayed over his eyes.

“Have you ever heard of the Seidr Sionnach?”

Rune sighed.

“Kallan…until you and Gudrun came to Alfheim, no Ljosalfr had ever heard of the Seidr, let alone a ‘Sayth Shonach’.” He ended the word on a botched guttural sound.

Kallan grinned.

“The Seidr Sionnach,” Kallan repeated. “The Sionnach were a pair of foxes twice as tall as a man and strong enough to pull a sleigh across the snows of Jotunheim.” She stared at the lights of Odinn’s Valkyrjur. “They loved each other beyond this world until one’s release was the other’s breath. They roamed wild and free, wreaking havoc, nonsense, and all sorts of mischief among Men. All who looked upon the Sionnach feared them and so…despised them.”

Lowering his arm, Rune lay and listened quietly.

“One day,” Kallan continued, “Freyja looked down from Asgard and saw the Sionnach frolicking without worry of what Men thought. Their adulation became her conviction. And she loved them. She loved them so much that she gave them her Seidr. Freyja taught them how to wield it and the Sionnach grew in power and strength alongside her. Over time, they too grew to love her. Some stories tell of how they pull her chariot across the skies.” Kallan grinned. “It was said that from the earth, the Sionnach, with their red Seidr flames trailing behind them, looked like two red cats bearing Freyja across the night.”

Kallan grew silent as she stared into the ribbons of red dancing upon the black.

“Sionnach,” Rune said. “That word isn’t of Alfheim.”

“It’s from Eire’s Land,” Kallan said, twisting her head around to better look upon Rune around the fire. “Gudrun brought the story back with her.”

– Excerpt from Chapter 60 of Dolor and Shadow

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