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Why should I read Broken?

I believe in the straightforward and direct approach. I have a book I am trying to sell to you. You know this. I know this. But I will not bombard people with nagging ads that beg them to buy my stuff. In turn, the last thing I want is for the wrong reader to buy my book, but there is a readership out there for Broken and I’m going to find you. So…this is a quick quiz to determine if we match up *grin*

Are you the kind of bibliophile who would like Broken or not? Should you sink money into a book based on a gamble? Let’s find out shall we? Answer true or false to these questions *grin* Oh! This is so exciting! Okay!

First if you ARE the reader okay with reading graphic violence, rape, torture, pedophilia, animal abuse, strong language, and drug references, then proceed, otherwise Broken will probably not be something you can stomach. This isn’t an offense, many people had a hard time with Broken.


1 – I love real life stories with real life people who conquer all.

2 – I have an appreciation for the darker side of life and love.

3 – I love gritty, but honest stories that churn my stomach with truth.

4 – I love memoirs that toggle a fine line of psychological thriller.

5 – I love books that send chills up my back and sick in my gut.

6 – I love putting a book down and still being haunted by the story days later.

7 – I love the kind of love story that just rips my heart out.

8 – I love vivid imagery and chilling story telling that gives me goosebumps.

9 – I love a story that doesn’t gloss over the truth no matter how disgusting it gets.

10 – I love stories that make me feel like I’m walking through the black halls of someone’s psyche.


If you answered “True” to…

3 or less questions answered “True”

“Broken is sick!” you may say. You probably are not going to enjoy Broken. But I could be wrong. I recommend reading the sample prior to outright buying Broken. You may be looking for a happier, lighter read, with a guaranteed happy ending.


4 to 6 questions answered “True”

“Eh…Interesting. I may read it again. I prefer Stephen King, though.” You may already read a lot of memoirs and thrillers on your shelf and you may occasionally cross over into the darker reads like Finding Me, but wouldn’t dare tackle anything much darker than that. You may find Broken enjoyable, though it may push you to your limits at times.


7 to 10 questions answered “True”

“I’m sleeping with this book under my pillow every night until I die!” You are the target audience for Broken and you most likely won’t be disappointed. For you, I present the buy buttons with this pretty picture!

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