So EPIC I had to share!

Okay…So I was 8 years old when Belle found Beast and Ariel first walked. The Golden Age of Disney (yes, that’s a real thing) was made for my generation. It is amazing to see my own daughters relive it! I screamed and cried at Walt (or his company…Michael Eisner) to please please PLEASE DO Rapunzel next. Twenty years later…they OWED me Tangled, and I ADORED IT.

Then Frozen makes the scene. Now mind you, I just…JUST spent 7 YEARS researching Norway (the opening music in Frozen BTW, is Sami music from the natives of Norway). When I heard the Sami music I held my breath. “Oh! They didn’t it right!” I gasped. And then they just…didn’t.

Aside from the parents being COMPLETE idiots…and Anna being a COMPLETE…*ahem*…Snob…the movie was…okay, I hated it. Completely and almost totally. It was like Disney was trying too hard to prove that they didn’t support the “Disney Princess Syndrome.”

I loved Olaf’s “I’ve been impaled” and his Broadway styled song. I love love LOVE the “frozen fractals all around” when Elsa builds her ice castle (Didn’t care for that movie either). Well…I’ve said too much. This skit I just watched on YouTube is MY KIND OF FROZEN and sums it all up!! Enjoy 🙂


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