Dr. Who? Dr. Who!

As some of you may know, I just started watching Dr. Who. I decided to begin at the beginning… With Doctor #1. William Hartnell introduces the show, launching it into the core of nerdom. I’m serious. And here… I begin to explain.



Currently watching…

The Dalek Invasion of Earth
“World’s End”
“The Daleks”
“Day of Reckoning”
“The End of Tomorrow”
“The Waking Ally”

Season 2, First Doctor, 10th Story Arc.

“Resistance is useless,” so say the Daleks. And my husband and I fell out of our chairs laughing. Why? Haven’t you read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? In my teens I did little else than listen to the radio scripts. “Resistance is useless!” The Vogon guard screeched while trying to throw them into space. The more I watch Dr. Who, the more I have found streaks of it spread throughout our culture.

Did you enjoy Honey, I Shrunk the kids? Then check out

Planet of Giants
“Planet of Giants”
“Dangerous Journey”

It was AMAZINGLY fantastic cinematography. Not for its day. Ever! It was on par with Honey I shrunk the kids. Beautiful work.


While writing this post, I stumbled upon this! A nugget of treasure! I and Dr. Who and the Daleks 1966! It is a full-length feature film showing how and when the Daleks came to earth and took over. Dr. Who is performed by Peter Crushing! Yes, it’s bad Science Fiction TV. And yes, this is a hobby of mine! I should talk about it sometime. Lon Chaney, Ed Wood, Mystery Science Theater 3,000… Poorly dubbed martial art films from the 60’s. I can sit through anything! I credit my tolerance to MST 3000. But that is for another post.

I just rented these little  nuggets and will be providing a full movie review on both of them later! OMG! Can not wait!




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