The Modern Philosopher: Exploratory Dialogues

Coming May 2016. It will be made available through iTunes, YouTube, and www.angelabchrysler.com! More details coming soon!


I have this here jar… I get a subject, I add it to the jar. In May, I will be randomly withdrawing a topic to discuss!

This will be hosted through Google+, YouTube, and iTunes. Questions, comments, and suggestions are taken through the forums… link to come… I am wanting to start the podcast sooner than May, but Fire and Lies takes precedence.

ABC On the Fly

Random and sudden 15 minute interviews covering new releases!

Adam Dreece 26 April 2016


Amy Bearce 9 May 2016 TBA

Story Time

That’s right! I’m taking it live. This is simple. 1:00 PM EST Monday through Friday, you can catch the next chapter of my current read!



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