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I pride myself on quality. My highest priority is to deliver a top-quality indie-published book to you every time.

Angela B. ChryslerArt and self-expression is something I have taken very seriously my whole life. Story is something I embrace, respect, adore, and need as much as my readers. I’m not here to re-create the Harry Potter Phenomena, I’m here for the same reason you are here. We both love story.

Indie authors are responsible for providing a beautiful novel with outstanding quality on par with traditional publishers. I wholeheartedly believe I have to not only provide a book on par with traditional authors. I have to beat them at their own game. Unlike traditional authors, I have a stigma working against me.

All of my published works are presented to my editor who maintains the same level of quality as I. All my fiction novels exceed 300 pages. My stories are never “fluffed” with filler. All my books are high quality and are thoroughly edited. All my books are made available on paperback so you can hold the quality in your hands. I refuse to contribute to the stigma earned by authors looking to get rich off of your passion for reading. This is my promise to you.

My promise extends through to the story, the writing, the covers, the editing, and the finished product.  If you’re not reading my book asking why it isn’t available with your local booksellers, I’m not doing it right.

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Each one of my books comes with a password that allows you to access hidden scenes and special features.

Access those additional features here!

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Take my hand and descend into the bowels of darkness! Join me so that you may lay upon your death bed and say that you have lived! Adventure so that you may taste the sweet nectar that flows from the earth… and receive a monthly newsletter from me.

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