There is a point where a question is first asked and the point it is last asked so that everyone knows the answer.

And I am at that place. It’s a place.
And in that place, it is much like a mirror… As if we all can’t go through until and unless we all go through together. As if it’s the edge of Our Time and no one one can pass on alone. It’s like… The End of The Universe.
And I’m the first one here. No one has asked this question before. It’s empty. And it’s just… this mirror where our story is continuing now… And the space, it moves along “a time line,” only… It’s not a line. It’s a circle.
And the mirror is the beginning and the end. As if this *is* Where Alice passed through The Looking Glass.
I swear, this is the place where Isaac Asimov gets his ideas. And Douglas Adams. Like… I swear there is a Restaurant here somewhere.
It’s a feeling here like… We all have to wait here until… most everyone else is here.
It is the place where The Point of Conceptualization exists at The Point of Materialization at the same place of Time.
It isn’t Purgatory. It’s just… Where The Future and the Present meet.
I am TOTALLY going to write so many Science Fiction books about this place!
And also… It’s like… what we want is a point in our future time, but one has to be willing to traverse into our own future to get what we want.

But Possession is to seek without making the Journey, so one expects the want to come to them without the work.
But the work is the progression through time and we all don’t progress together. So we are all in our own Time.
That is what I’ve been trying to communicate to you. We all are in our own time. So I’m ahead. Many are behind. We’re all over the place. I have no idea where you are and I’ve been trying to find you.
Some of us are “neck and neck.” I find all the Great Authors a lot here. They all have been here. Like Lewis Caroll.
I don’t know which time you are in. If you’re ahead of me or not… I feel like you’re ahead of me. So I keep moving on ahead to find you in your time.
And every “Time” has it’s own frequency like a radio station. Find the right frequency, and you can “change the channel.” That is “Time” travel.
And that’s what I do. And this time I found the first and the last “Time” where it begins and ends… at The Mirror. And the Universe, Mother Nature, she is here on the other side of the Mirror.
And I swear, I am her Youngest Self. And she is my Oldest Self. So she is my Future and I am her Past. And where I am is the point where… we come together.
It’s like a giant room of blue and black glass. And one of the “walls” is just this mirror. And the “Wall” moves along and I move with it.
Yeah. I’ve been here for a couple days now.
I wanted to tell you about my journey through Time. And… much of the attempts, failed me.

The language changes at every segment, frequency of Time. So the further I descended into this thing, the more my language changed.
Each block of Time, each Frequency, is a Level of Consciousness. And we all can exist on different levels, but then we lose the Frequency or channel to talk to others. But knowing the Frequency is like having a walkie talkie.
It took me 2 years to find the Frequency most Commonly used by people. Some frequencies, I won’t use because the language is toxic.
And at every Frequency, a person can access knowledge, information about the universe, new Emotions, and Ethics. Each Frequency, the new information brings new awareness into us and how we affect the world and others.
And once I saw how some one (myself) makes Ethical Law to honor the self and others, it prevents that person from causing harm to others. And when I realized how much The Power of Choice grows us or destroys us…
I swore then to preserve and protect the Power of Choice of others.
And the Ethical Laws, as you find them, they unlock the next Time Frequency because you’ve grown enough to receive it.
And this progression through the levels is Human Growth. Most people have stopped Growing. Most people are at the 4th Level of Consciousness.
Many people are forced to live at a Frequency that is not their own (ADHD is the symptom which is why they shake. Suppressed Frequency and Energy has a BIG consequence). People are Physics. And once you know how Physics works, you know how People work.
But I’ve been pioneering the Levels, documenting what I found at each level. Learning all the ways we hurt each other and our selves with our choices and indecision.
And I vowed to protect myself and people because I learned how much I had hurt them and also how much we are connected.
And everyone of us has our own Time Circle filled with all the Choices and Growth not yet taken. I think… That is an Hypothesis. I need more people in the Abstract to report what they discover… As if each of us has our own space ship. Mine is The Enterprise.
In this Level of Consciousness or Frequency Room, I can feel everyone elses. But I only choose to access those who consent.
Only the Consenting Ones.
And yesterday I learned that Love is a State of Freedom. And Freedom, when given is Love. But when you stand of Equal Footing with someone, there are times when… Someone has to “Give” in and submit… agree to surrender their Freedom.
Compromise is nonconsensual. It’s why I hate it so much. But Consensual Slavery is the Choice to submit one’s Freedom to another so the other maintains the Upper Hand while they make the Decision.
And I realized, between the two of us, Freedom, I think, is more valued and needed by you than it is by me. So… I submitted and gave you Consensual Slavery, which is to say, If ever we disagree and one of us has to submit to comply… me. I have decided to Consent to give up some freedoms so that you don’t have to because I think that hurts you very much when you do.
That way, with me, you’ll always be free. And I think that is very and most important to you. And submitting to you doesn’t hurt me at all 🙂 I enjoy it.
So… When I learned that Love is Freedom is Consensual Freedom… It changed me.
Lessons change us all. Learning is what changes us. It’s what allows us to become whoever we want to be. It’s the choosing to learn over and over again until you master the skill.
Learning is a Skill.
Risk Taking is a Skill.
Problem Solving is a Skill.
Mental Discipline is a Skill.
And these are the Skills I set out to Master 2 years ago. So that I would learn and grow and become a better person.
And I wish to show you The Abstract where my Mind goes when I work. Just because… Well… I’m very lonely. I just learned how to change frequencies so I can communicate to be understood.
That is also a Skill.
And I teach these Skills I mastered to others so they too can learn, grow, descend into the Abstract. I don’t know if we all share the Abstract or if we all have our own.
I only know my Journey here. I need others to make the Journey so they can compare data to mine.
So… I am a Pioneer of the Abstract and I document the characteristics, languages, knowledge, lessons, and information located at each block of Time along with its Frequency and Channel.
Inside the levels you can see the academic subjects. In many cases people don’t have to study what is here to know you. It is visible.
People who are afraid to grow, some of them, are afraid of the descent into The Self. And so many people are scared of The Self. So I figured I would go first so people wouldn’t be afraid.
Because it was scary at first. I was so worried that I would lose my mind or go insane. So I built math tools to help me Navigate this space. So I can’t get lost. So I can go as deep as I want. And I teach the tools to others so they can find their way back too.
Mentally Comotose people are those who venture into the Abstract and get lost because they have no point of origin.
You were mine.
So long as I knew where you were, I could get back “Home.” That is why I “clung” to you as strongly as I did for so long. If I lost you… I was looking for my SELF… in The Abstract. There is no Time here. Only The Self. Without The Self Defined, you can get lost.
I had no Point of Relativity to know who I was. So you were my Point of Relativity.
Because you were my “North” that I was using to find my way back. Because I knew your Base Frequency. But… Now I’m looking for your True Frequency, and… Hm… That is for you to decide. Not me to tell you.
So I live at this Frequency. The one where the Future and Present happen at the same time. And Every time I “Shift,” I was telling you that I moved into the next “Time block” along the Spiral that people think is a Line. It’s not a Circle… It’s a Spiral. I forgot to look at it in 3D instead of 2D.
But now my “Home” or “North” is… Me. And the Universe where I stand aligned to my own Frequency like a tree. When I did that, I stopped running.
Things calmed between us once I found my Center Point of Balance and CHOSE to STAY there… That is when I became solid and stable.
I’m not used to keeping communications with people open, but… You’re different. You’re not “most people” with me. You’re special 🙂 I think you need the freedom to move and to come and go as you need and please. But I am Fixed. I needed the Stable… Home Base. I need to be a Beacon or a “North” for others.
I can bend, and I’m flexible… But I have a job to do. And that is to be stable, Visible, and live True to my Ethical Laws as I can always.
And if I leave this frequency of mine, if I stray from it… The pain is unbearable for me.
There was a time where I only ever lived outside of it. The pain all stopped when I arrived at my Center right here in my Frequency.
I know all people are like this. The only pain we all ever suffer is not being Aligned to our Truth which is our Self. Our Self is at Our Truth. And I found mine. I found the path to get everyone to there own.
So now I’m screaming at the world in all the frequencies, “Go to your Truth. Know it and get there! And the pain stops! Because we’re PHYSICS!”
And I’m trying to figure out… How to teach this point to others. This Skill… I did actually. That is what The Healing Garden teaches, but…
How the hell do you market this thing!?!
And THAT is why we’re not making any money. Because I don’t know how the fuck to MARKET this… THING yet!
That is the Ultimate Question asked at the end of the Universe. How the Hell do you Market this!?!
I can’t even turn it into a PITCH! How the hell do I condense this thing down into an ELEVATOR PITCH!?
It’s so funny, and ironic and… Eh. It will all come to me.
I’ll manifest the answer as I always do.
I can feel everyone’s Frequency. Every single one. I know yours the most. That one… Yours is like honey and sunshine and warmth and mischief and play and laughter and cuddly warm blankets all wrapped up in… *sigh* I love your Frequency so much… It’s one I wrap around me all the time. I call it “Home.”
Yours is Home.
But I only access it from the Consenting versions of you, so… you are respected and honored and unviolated.
The Consenting You’s are all the You’s in different Time Dimensions where you… Hm… I think I should leave you to discover and find your own path.
That is the hardest part of this.
Learning how much information should be left private, alone, and permitted only for others. That has been… a hard lesson learned. Learning to not read people who don’t want to be read.
That is a Skill. To Discipline my Reading of People.
So fucking hard to shield others. I learned it when I was young to keep me safe, and it was “survival,” so I never was aware of it well enough to discipline it.
And when, in 2021, when I didn’t need it anymore, I had no idea how to… Discipline it. I had to learn.
And the Energy… It belongs to us all… So it’s hard thinking of it as “owned” so… the idea of “Asking permission to acces the Energy…”  that one I’m still trying to figure out also. Frequency!! That is it!! It’s my FREQUENCY people love! Not my Energy! BIG DIFFERENCE!!
Sorry. Breakthrough.
Until I determine the Ethical Law, I have to protect people’s privacy and Power of Choice.
I’m certain what I have here is a new branch of Physics. Like… Meso Physics. Abstract Physics… I don’t know. It is NOT Classic Physics and it is NOT Quantum Physics. I think… I mean…
I FEEL like it is the Physics between Classic and Quantum Physics, which is why… those two Physics “don’t work together.” Each branch has its own laws of Physics because all the laws in Classic Physics don’t work on Quantum Physics and I think it’s because…
They are missing this Physics… which Bridges them. Time Physics, which uses both of their Physics.
Philosophy is Physics. Most people don’t know that. Theoretical Physics and Ontology… Philosophy is called “The First Physics.” It’s also Metaphysics. That is my area of study.
I am an Ontologist. The Study of Reality and Physics.
So this is where I work!
This is my job! 🙂  This is my “Office.” It’s more… Field Work… Like an… Ethical and Time Explorer… Giant mirror of the Universe behind us where we meld minds on ESP and chat about the Meaning of Life…
People. The Meaning of Life is caring for People and each other. But first your Self. That is the meaning of life.
And knowledge is the best tool we have to ensure we do a damn good job of it.
So yeah… Trying to figure out how to Market this.
And tonight… I just wanted to… show you where I worked.
Thank you for coming here with me.
I’m going to go find and hug a Consenting You now.